Germán Prieto

· Piano ·


Music defines every aspect of our lives. The Spirit of whom we are is shown through our sound.


I started my musical journey when I was 5 years old, focusing on the study of Piano, and being fortunate to receive at such an age the basic musical foundation that has been evolving through the years to the present time.


I finished my Graduate Studies at the Royal Higher Conservatory of Music "Victoria Eugenia" of Granada, where I received wonderful and valuable information through awareness, learning not only the technique and performance of the instrument, but -and I consider this to be more important- the way of finding different paths that lead to the accomplishment of my goals. This has given me the autonomy and self-reflection necessaries to move forwards on this journey, ceaseless regarding learning and gratifying at every step.


And so, these years have lead me to participate in Advanced Musical Courses with relevant National and International figures such as Vitaly Samoshko, Guillermo Gonzáles, Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden, Piero Rattling, Leonid Margarius, Franco Scala, Ana Guijarro, Marie Françoise Bucquet and Javier Perianes, among others, and endevour that continues at present.


A musical career, in my opinion, completes itself, day to day, through two very important paths: education and stage.

In Education, I've been fortunate enough to experience different positions during the past eleven years, in Music Schools and Academies, and in Conservatoires in the Andalusian Region, as Lecturer in Piano and Chamber Music, and as an Accompanist.


Currently, I combine this activity with the post of Director at Seminario de Altos Estudios Musicales-Stage®, SAEM-STAGE® (Higher Musical Studies Seminar). The Seminar has its origin in my experiences and curiosity in both the Educational and Professional millieux. At the Seminar, with the collaboration of great Musicians and Professionals in the areas of Physical and Mental work, we work tirelessly to bring Awareness, Autonomy and Love of Music to every student, as our fundamental values.


Regarding the stage, I have practically lived on it since my beginnings until now, performing in different formats, such as Piano solo, Piano and Orchestra and Chamber Music. The piano makes me grow and mature with every performance, knowing it better and exploring and enhancing my limits together with the audience, as every occasion is unique, and in every Recital one offers and receives a part of oneself.


Similarly, to enjoy a performing life has meant to enjoy getting to know every place to which I have travelled, from Granada, Málaga, Almería, Cádiz, Huelva, Sevilla, Córdoba and Jaén to Murcia, Ceuta, Madrid, León, Tarragona or Alicante, including international cities such as Verona, Gent and Brussels, plus many smaller towns that also reveal nice experiences.